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Jauch Quartz

Jauch Quartz

- The Jauch Group is a leading specialist for quartz crystals, crystal oscillators and battery technology. Established in 1954- in Germany, they are now one of the foremost companies in the frequency control products industry, and most recently also with innovative MEMS timing products. From frequency control products for standard applications to highly stable, shock-resistant components, – Jauch products operate reliably in your applications. They ensure this with their quality assurance, which starts even before production does. The specialists at Jauch accompany your projects from sample production to series production. To fulfill their claim to provide “Made in Germany” quality, they look after production themselves. They have their own production facility at their headquarters in Germany, as well as production facilities in Asia. An in-house testing laboratory with reliable measuring equipment also allows them to perform AEC-Q200 testing for automotive applications.

Product Category

Battery Products(47 products)
Batteries Rechargeable (Secondary)(35 products)
Batteries Non-Rechargeable (Primary)(12 products)
Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators(476 products)
Oscillators(94 products)
Crystals(382 products)

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Product List

O 19,200000-JSO32D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 38,400000-JSO22D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 20,0-JT22S-B-K-3,3-LF Image
O 40,0-JT22S-B-K-3,3-LF Image
O 50,0-JT33-B-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 50,0-JT33-B-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 50.0000MHZ SNWV SMD
  • In Stock:33079
O 32,000000-JSO32D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 25,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 25,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 25.0000MHZ HCMOS SMD
  • In Stock:47280
O 32,000000-JSO22D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 32,000000-JSO32D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 24,000000-JSO22D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 25,0-JT22S-B-K-3,3-LF Image
O 19,200000-JSO21D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 24,000000-JSO21D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 24,000000-JSO32D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 19,200000-JSO22D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 32,0-JT33-B-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 32,0-JT33-B-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 32.0000MHZ SNWV SMD
  • In Stock:39199
O 26,0-JT22S-B-K-3,3-LF Image
O 19,200000-JSO21D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 40,0-JT33-B-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 40,0-JT33-B-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 40.0000MHZ SNWV SMD
  • In Stock:38594
O 32,0-JO22H-F-3,3-1-T1-LF Image
O 50,0-JT22S-B-K-3,3-LF Image
O 26,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 26,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 26.0000MHZ HCMOS SMD
  • In Stock:51989
O 30,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 30,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 30.0000MHZ HCMOS SMD
  • In Stock:49968
O 26,000000-JSO21D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 26,000000-JSO22D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 24,000000-JSO21D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 38,400000-JSO32D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 26,000000-JSO21D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 26,000000-JSO22D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 38,400000-JSO32D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 19,20-JO22H-F-3,3-1-T1-LF Image
O 38,400000-JSO21D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 32,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 32,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 32.0000MHZ HCMOS SMD
  • In Stock:41456
O 32,000000-JSO21D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
Q 24,0-JXS32-9-10/15-T1-FU-WA-LF Image
O 40,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 40,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 40.0000MHZ HCMOS SMD
  • In Stock:37061
O 26,000000-JSO32D1AC-D-2V3-T3-N-D Image
O 38,400000-JSO21D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 38,400000-JSO22D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 26,0-JO22H-F-3,3-1-T1-LF Image
O 32,000000-JSO22D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 32,000000-JSO21D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 19,200000-JSO32D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
O 32,0-JT22S-B-K-3,3-LF Image
O 50,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF Image
  • Part#:O 50,0-JT32C-A-K-3,3-LF
  • Manufacturers:Jauch Quartz
  • Description:OSC TCXO 50.0000MHZ HCMOS SMD
  • In Stock:42099
O 39,0-JT22S-B-K-3,3-LF Image
O 24,000000-JSO32D1AC-D-1,8-T3-N-D Image
Q 19,20-JXS22-9-10/10-WA-LF Image
Q 19,20-JXS21-8-10/15-T1-WA-LF Image
Q 0,032768-JTX310-9-10-T2-HMR-LF Image