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- Since our founding in 1948, we at Nihon Dempa Kogyo Co., Ltd. (NDK) have operated under a philosophy of “contributing to social prosperity and world peace through our service to customers.”
NDK’s quartz crystal devices provide an accurate and superior oscillation source that is absolutely essential to crystal components. As the era of the ubiquitous networked society unfolds, the Company’s crystal devices are being utilized in diverse applications, ranging from mobile communications and fixed radio communications to office automation, audiovisual, and automotive electronics equipment.
With its lineup of high-precision, high-reliability, compact crystal devices that anticipate the next generation of customer needs today, NDK has grown to become the leading company among quartz crystal device manufacturers in the world. Under the banner of “quality, cost, and speed,” NDK aims to establish itself as the industry’s technology leader and the most trusted customer brand.
NDK will continue to provide high-value-added products and high-quality service to its customers throughout the world, increase its enterprise value, and live up to the expectations of its stakeholders, including shareholders, customers, and local communities.

Product Category

Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators(402 products)
Oscillators(80 products)
Crystals(322 products)
Test and Measurement(1 products)
Equipment - Specialty(1 products)
RF/IF and RFID(6 products)
RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards(6 products)
Sensors, Transducers(4 products)
Specialized Sensors(4 products)

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Product List

NX3225GA-20.000M-STD-CRG-1 Image
NX8045GB-13.560000MHZ Image
NX2016AB-26MHZ SB1 Image
  • Part#:NX2016AB-26MHZ SB1
  • Manufacturers:NDK
  • Description:CRYSTAL 26.0000MHZ 7PF SMD
  • In Stock:88618
NX5032GB-12MHZ-STD-CSK-5 Image
NX3225SA-27M-STD-CRS-2 Image
NX5032SD-13.56MHZ-STD-CSY-1 Image
NX5032GA-13.56M-STD-CSK-4 Image
NX8045GB-40.000000MHZ Image
NX3225GA-27M-STD-CRG-2 Image
NX1255GB-3.579545MHZ Image
  • Part#:NX1255GB-3.579545MHZ
  • Manufacturers:NDK
  • Description:CRYSTAL 3.579545MHZ 12PF SMD
  • In Stock:92079
NZ2520SB-20.000000MHZ Image
NX5032GB-16MHZ-STD-CSK-5 Image
NX3225SA-16.000000MHZ-T1 Image
NX8045GB-27.000000MHZ Image
NX3225SA-16MHZ-STD-CSR-3 Image
NX5032GA-25.000M-STD-CSK-4 Image
NX3215SA-32.768KHZ-EXS00A-MU00525 Image
NX5032SA-13.000000MHZ-G1 Image
NZ2520SHA-60M-END5301A Image
NT3225SA-26.000000MHZ-G5 Image
NX8045GB-14.318180MHZ Image
NZ2520SB-7.600000MHZ Image
  • Part#:NZ2520SB-7.600000MHZ
  • Manufacturers:NDK
  • In Stock:101094
NX2520SA-48.000000MHZ Image
NX2012SA-32.768KHZ-EXS00A-MU00626 Image
NT3225SA-19.2M-DJA3002B Image
NX3225SA-20.000M-STD-CRS-2 Image
NX1255GB-20.000000MHZ Image
NX2016SA-24.9231M-CHP-CZS-9 Image
NZ2520SB-41.360MHZ Image
  • Part#:NZ2520SB-41.360MHZ
  • Manufacturers:NDK
  • Description:OSC XO 41.36MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:95359
NX3225GA-27.000M-STD-CRG-1 Image
NX1612AA-26MHZ-TI2 Image
  • Part#:NX1612AA-26MHZ-TI2
  • Manufacturers:NDK
  • Description:CRYSTAL 26.0000MHZ 8PF SMD
  • In Stock:66325
NX1255GB-16.000000MHZ Image
NT2016SA-16.368000 MHZ-NTG1 Image
NX8045GB-16.000M-STD-CSF-4 Image
NX3225SA-16.000M-STD-CRS-2 Image
NX5032GA-48.000000MHZ-LN-CD-1 Image
NX5032GA-12MHZ-STD-CSK-8 Image
NX3225SA-13M-STD-CSR-6 Image
NX5032GA- 9.84375M-STD-CSU-1 Image
NX3215SA-32.768KHZ-EXS00A-MU00526 Image
PSA-SB-0901T-9.176 MHZ Image
NT3225SA-19.200000MHZ-T3 Image
NX3225SA-26.000000MHZ-G2 Image
NX3225GA-14.7456M-STD-CRG-2 Image
NX3225SA-12.288M-STD-CSR-3 Image
NX3225SA-40M-EXS00A-CS03880 Image
NZ2520SB-44.000000MHZ Image
NX3225SC-18.08M-STD-CRS-1 Image
NX3215SA-32.768K-STD-MUA-9 Image
NX2016SA-26M-STD-CZS-1 Image