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- Epson integrates American marketing, sales, and engineering expertise with Japanese manufacturing prowess to bring a "best-of-class" level of service to our customers. Epson's proximity to leaders in the high-tech industry, easy access to the developmental resources of Epson Research and Development, and the ability to tap into the resources of America's leading universities allows EEA to offer products and solutions that are tailored to meet the requirements of leading-edge systems customers quickly and effectively. Epson's sophisticated business operation systems and flexible business practices help our customers lower their cost of procurement, inventory holding, and inventory obsolescence, thereby contributing significantly to the reduction in the overall cost of materials during the life of their products.

Product Category

Integrated Circuits (ICs)(418 products)
Specialized ICs(1 products)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Special Purpose(1 products)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear + Switching(1 products)
PMIC - Voltage Regulators - DC DC Switching Controllers(2 products)
PMIC - Power Management - Specialized(2 products)
PMIC - Battery Management(4 products)
PMIC - Battery Chargers(1 products)
Linear - Video Processing(89 products)
Interface - Specialized(2 products)
Interface - Controllers(18 products)
Embedded - Microcontrollers(71 products)
Clock/Timing - Real Time Clocks(218 products)
Audio Special Purpose(8 products)
Capacitors(54 products)
Film Capacitors(34 products)
Ceramic Capacitors(3 products)
Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors(17 products)
Filters(8 products)
Power Line Filter Modules(1 products)
Ferrite Beads and Chips(2 products)
Common Mode Chokes(5 products)
Computers, Office - Components, Accessories(1 products)
Accessories(1 products)
Connectors, Interconnects(3 products)
Power Entry Connectors - Inlets, Outlets, Modules(3 products)
Memory Cards, Modules(6 products)
Memory Cards(6 products)
RF/IF and RFID(1 products)
RF Evaluation and Development Kits, Boards(1 products)
Development Boards, Kits, Programmers(69 products)
Programmers, Emulators, and Debuggers(3 products)
Evaluation Boards - Expansion Boards, Daughter Cards(1 products)
Evaluation Boards - Embedded - MCU, DSP(12 products)
Evaluation and Demonstration Boards and Kits(49 products)
Accessories(4 products)
Sensors, Transducers(8 products)
Temperature Sensors - PTC Thermistors(2 products)
Temperature Sensors - NTC Thermistors(3 products)
Motion Sensors - IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units)(1 products)
Motion Sensors - Gyroscopes(1 products)
Motion Sensors - Accelerometers(1 products)
Crystals, Oscillators, Resonators(18,408 products)
Programmable Oscillators(7,339 products)
Pin Configurable/Selectable Oscillators(21 products)
Oscillators(7,618 products)
Crystals(3,430 products)
Circuit Protection(38 products)
TVS - Varistors, MOVs(27 products)
Inrush Current Limiters (ICL)(4 products)
Gas Discharge Tube Arresters (GDT)(7 products)
Magnetics - Transformer, Inductor Components(5 products)
Ferrite Cores(4 products)
Bobbins (Coil Formers), Mounts, Hardware(1 products)
Inductors, Coils, Chokes(28 products)
Fixed Inductors(28 products)

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Product List

SG7050CCN 4.000000M-HJGA3 Image
B43504A9826M Image
  • Part#:B43504A9826M
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:CAP ALUM 82UF 20% 400V SNAP
  • In Stock:58566
SG-210STF 3.6864ML Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 3.6864ML
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 3.6864MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:91787
SG-210STF 24.5760MS3 Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 24.5760MS3
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 24.5760MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:65132
FA-128 32.0000MD30Z-C3 Image
CA-301 24.0000M-C:PBFREE Image
EG-2121CA 200.0000M-PHPAB Image
B41505A7228M Image
  • Part#:B41505A7228M
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:CAP ALUM 2200UF 20% 35V SNAP
  • In Stock:81520
EG-2102CA 156.2500M-PGPAL3 Image
EG-2121CB 156.2500M-PGSNL3 Image
SG7050CCN 3.686400M-HJGA3 Image
SG-210SCD 62.5000ML3 Image
  • Part#:SG-210SCD 62.5000ML3
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 62.50MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:66015
SG-210STF 1.8432ML Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 1.8432ML
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 1.8432MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:101125
SG5032CAN 7.372800M-TJGA3 Image
MA-506 25.0000M-C3: ROHS Image
CA-301 18.4320M-C: PB FREE Image
SG-210STF 1.2000ML Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 1.2000ML
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 1.2MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:80352
  • Part#:RTC-72421B: ROHS
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:IC RTC CLK/CALENDAR PAR 18-DIP
  • In Stock:26433
S5U13513P00C100 Image
  • Part#:S5U13513P00C100
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:BOARD EVAL/SOFTWARE FOR S1D13513
  • In Stock:253
SG-636PTF 25.0000MC3:ROHS Image
SG-210STF 6.7800ML3 Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 6.7800ML3
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 6.78MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:59248
SG-210STF 24.5760ML Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 24.5760ML
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 24.576MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:88260
SG-210STF 32.7680ML Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 32.7680ML
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 32.768MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:87159
MA-306 29.4912M-C0:ROHS Image
FA-20H 26.0000ML81Z-AC3 Image
SG-210STF 7.5000ML Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 7.5000ML
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 7.5MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:65652
SG-531P 8.1920MC:ROHS Image
  • Part#:SG-531P 8.1920MC:ROHS
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 8.192MHZ CMOS TTL PC PIN
  • In Stock:74717
MA-505 24.0000M-C3: ROHS Image
MA-406 12.0000M-G0: ROHS Image
SG-531P 2.0000MC: ROHS Image
SG7050CAN 14.745600M-TJGA3 Image
SG-210STF 8.1920ML Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 8.1920ML
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 8.192MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:92728
SG-210STF 16.6665ML Image
  • Part#:SG-210STF 16.6665ML
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:OSC XO 16.6665MHZ CMOS SMD
  • In Stock:88540
SG7050CAN 33.000000M-TJGA3 Image
SG-615P 10.0000MC3: PURE SN Image
FA-238 20.0000MA50X-AG3 Image
MA-506 4.0000M-C3: PURE SN Image
MA-406 14.7456M-G3: ROHS Image
EG-2121CA 644.53125M-LGPAB Image
EG-2102CA 100.0000M-PHPAL3 Image
B32794D3205K Image
  • Part#:B32794D3205K
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:CAP FILM 2UF 10% 700VDC RADIAL
  • In Stock:69092
XG-2102CA 100.0000M-LGPAL3 Image
EG-2121CA 200.0000M-LHPAL3 Image
B84771M20A Image
  • Part#:B84771M20A
  • Manufacturers:Epson
  • Description:FILTER POWER LINE
  • In Stock:14480
SG5032CAN 1.000000M-TJGA3 Image
SG7050CCN 11.059200M-HJGA3 Image
SG7050CAN 10.000000M-TJGA3 Image
SG5032CCN 11.059200M-HJGA3 Image
VG-4231CA 27.0000M-TDRC3 Image
FA-20H 16.0000MF12V-AJ3 Image