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Resonators864 Products Found


ECS Inc. International

Description:CER RES 3.6800MHZ T/H
ECS Inc. International
ECS Inc. International- Founded in 1980, ECS Inc. International has grown to become one of the most recognized and experienced manufacturers of frequency control management products in the world. From cylindrical tuning fork crystals to high stability oven controlled oscillators, ECS Inc. offers the most comprehensive line up of frequency control devices in the industry.
Awarded ISO9001/2000 and QS-9000 certifications along with the pursuit of other global certifications has made ECS Inc. your global partner for dependable frequency management products. ECS is currently undergoing TS16949:2002 registration to replace our current QS-9000 certification.
Our 65,000 square feet of manufacturing centers, we feature four (4) 10K clean room environments in accordance with International Standard 209. Automatic calibration and testing pods, environmental testing labs, isolated aging rooms and prototype labs complement these facilities.
With it's continued growth, ECS Inc. has shown that it has the managerial, manufacturing and financial resources to support our customers in today's demanding marketplace across all industries.
ZTA-3.68MG Image
CSTCE16M0V13L99-R0 Image
ZTB540P Image
EFO-H418MS12 Image
PBRC4.19GR50X000 Image
CSTCE12M0G55Z-R0 Image
ZTA-6.00MG Image
ZTT-3.68MG Image
ZTB500E Image
PRQC12.00CR1010V00L Image
ZTA-10.00MT Image
AWSCR-25.00CV-T Image
EFO-PS4004E5 Image
AWCR-3.58MD Image
PBRC8.00GR50X000 Image
HWZT-20.00MD Image
AWSCR-6.00MGD-T Image
AWSCR-3.58MGD-T Image
AWSZT-30.00CV-T Image
CSTCC3M84G53-R0 Image
ASR868.35E-T Image
B39431R2701U310 Image
PBRC10.00HR50X000 Image
CSTLS8M00G56-B0 Image
AWSZT-20.00MXD-T Image
CSTCE18M4V53-R0 Image
AWCR-12.00RS Image
CSTLS4M91G53-B0 Image
PRQC8.00CR5010X00L Image
B39321R0822H210 Image
CSTCE12M0G15C99-R0 Image
AWSCR-48.00CW-T Image
EFO-MN5004A4 Image
CSTNE16M0V530000R0 Image
PBRC4.91GR50X000 Image
AWSZT-10.00CV-T Image
ZTA-2.00MG Image
FCR25.0M6T Image
PBRC16.00MR50X000 Image
ECS-SDR1-4180-TR Image
EFO-H224MS12 Image
EFO-H224MS03 Image
AWSZT-25.00CV-T Image
PBRC8.00HR10X000 Image
EFO-SS6004E5 Image
ZTB522P Image
CSTLS5M00G53-B0 Image
ZTT-3.58MG Image
AWSZT-24.00MXD-T Image
ASR303.825E-T Image

Resonators864 Products Found