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Home > News > Chip controls up to seven USB-C ports, and Power Delivery

Chip controls up to seven USB-C ports, and Power Delivery

Chip controls up to seven USB-C ports, and Power Delivery

It is called HX3PD, and aimed at notebook and tablet docking stations, monitor docks and multi-function USB-C peripherals.

“USB-C docks have been complex to design, requiring two USB hubs to support internal and external connections, a dedicated controller for every USB-C port that supports USB PD charging, along with a USB billboard and USB-C bridge controller to report operating status and connection failures,” said the firm.

“The HX3PD hub controller integrates the functionality of these chips and reduces footprint with a 12 by 12mm package.”

It is a seven-port 10Gbit/s USB 3.1 Gen 2 hub, and has two USB Type-C ports with USB PD 3.0 charging, and a dock management controller that supports USB Billboard functionality and secure firmware downloads.

Programmability allows adopters to keep pace with changes to the USB-C and USB PD specifications, and resolve inter-operability issues, and the firm is claiming that the configurable USB PHY is capable of improving USB signal quality.

Cypress-EZ-USB-HX3PD-Hub-Controller-Eval-BoardPower Delivery allows up to 100W to be delivered to loads and the USB Type-C plug is 2.4mm high, compared with the 4.5mm of USB Standard-A – allowing slimmer products to be made.

Packaging is 192-ball BGA, and there is an eveluation board – see picture.

HX3PD is sampling now, and expected to be in production in the third quarter of 2018. HX3PD is available in a 192-ball BGA package.